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Engineering Services
We provide a full range of aircraft engineering, maintenance, and modification services
Parts and Equipment
We supply a wide range of the latest parts, spares and equipment - we also provide a complete installation and support service
Avionics Systems
Specialists in Radio Nav, Radio Radar, Instruments and Fixed Wing Autopilots
Aircraft Storage
Undercover storage in our hangers at Lee-on-Solent

Aircraft Storage

We provide aircraft storage in our hangers at Lee On Solent Airfield. All aircraft are kept undercover and are removed from the hangar and put away after any flight for the owner, at the owners request.

Our storage service starts from £200 per calendar month (+ VAT) and is dependent on size and any special customer requirements.

We can also arrange for the aircraft to be fueled prior to flight, using the on-site fuel service “Daedalus Aviation Fuelling Services” run by Paul Coppin (07990 511200).

Call us on 02392 299357 or 07969 512017 for full details of the service we can provide.