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Bournemouth Avionics Ltd is an Authorised Dealer for SEHT Aviation Headsets. This status means we can supply, Demo and advise on the perfect SEHT headset for you!

October 26th, 2020 Posted in News

SEHT a UK based company has a fantastic range of both passive and ANR aviation headsets built with quality and comfort in mind.

SEHT has an impressive range of passive headsets which offer superb performance and value for money, the table-topping passive headset the SH40-10 (seen right offers Carbon Fibre ear shells and stirrups which drastically reduce the weight of the traditional headset while still retaining an impressive 22dB of passive noise reduction. SEHT didn’t stop there, they have utilised there superior and lightweight synthetic leather ear seals as well as designing a smaller noise-cancelling electret microphone and thinner boom to bring the weight on your head down to an impressive 330 grams!

Then we have SEHT’s ANR range of headsets, which produce clean, clear audio every time, coupled with super-light ear pressure and advanced gel pads for a relaxed workload. seen below is there SH-30-75 model. The SH30-75 was launched in late 2016 and it met with great applause from both aviators and press. The SH30-75 was not just an upgrade from there other models it was a complete redesign that allows them to get up to 50dB combined noise reduction but also with Hi-Fi quality audio reproduction it made using theSH30-75 a great experience. An auxiliary 3.5mm input is also added to allow you to make full use of the Hi-Fi quality sound reproduction making long journeys more pleasurable.

At Bournemouth Avionics we have extensive experience of providing support on aviation products, this makes us the logical choice for the supply and support for your next SEHT product.

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