Case Study – Cessna 210

This Cessna 210 had traditional instruments with GMA340, GNS430, KX155, KR87, GTX330 & KN62A

The Nav one indicator was removed together with the GNS430.  The stack was opened up to allow a GNS530 to be fitted.  The rest of the avionics remained unchanged, but the Pilots panel was moved around to allow the Aspen Pro1000 PFD to be fitted with NAV/GPS#1 (GNS530) and NAV#2 (KX155) to be interfaced to it. At the same time the Cessna Novamatic autopilot was removed and the FAA STC’d S-TEC System 30 was fitted, again interfaced to the Aspen panel. The existing vacuum instruments were re-used as the standby instruments as per Aspen STC.  This aircraft was N registered.​

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