Introducing the new Yaesu FTA-850L Colour Airband Transceiver!

September 28th, 2021 Posted in News


Introducing the new Yaesu FTA-850L Airband Handheld Transceiver. The FTA-850L is a feature packed handheld transceiver with a colour LCD!  The New high resolution full colour display offers superior visibility and operability within the cockpit for any pilot. The new feature packed FTA-850L transmits on the COM band and also provides VOR and ILS features on the NAV band.

ILS Navigation

When the FTA-850L receives an ILS signal, the display will automatically switch to the NAV band screen which shows a CDI (course deviation indicator) based on the received localizer signal or the glide slope signal. Course and height deviation are clearly presented on the colour CDI display, and aid with the landing approach under bad weather conditions.

VOR Navigation

When the FTA-850L receives a VOR signal, the display automatically switches to NAV band screen and shows the CDI. The top of the compass rose always indicates the direction set as the OBS. The SOG (speed over ground) is displayed only when the FTA-850L internal GPS unit is activated and acquires a fix.

Flight Route Display and Navigation

The Flight Route Navigation feature clearly presents the traveling route, listing the waypoints from the departure point to the final destination, including the current position where Navigation is being performed. Route, location and travel status can be assessed at a glance. Also, navigation is displayed on an easy-to-read colour compass screen.

Dual Frequency Display

DD (Dual Frequency Display) screen presents two frequencies separately on the top and bottom of the screen. The most recently tuned information (Comm frequency, Memory group and Weather channel) are always set into the active channel automatically. The target mode and channel can easily be switched between different modes using the DD screen, without going through the MENU.


  • 850lfull6 Watts TX Output Power (Air Band: AM 6W, P.E.P. typical, 1.8W carrier)
  • Oversized 2.4-inch & TFT Colour Display (240 x 320 pixel)
  • Dual Frequency Display (DD)
  • Bluetooth® wireless Operation*’
  • ILS Navigation Display (Localizer and Glide Slope)
  • VOR Navigation Display
  • Integrated 66 Channel WAAS GPS receiver
  • Waypoint Navigation
  • Flight-Route Display and Navigation
  • Available GPS Position Logging operation*2
  • 8.33 kHz Narrow Band compatible
  • NOAA Weather Channel Receive*3
  • NOAA Weather Alert*3
  • 400 Memory Channels with 14 character alphanumeric tags
  • Back-lit Keypad and Display, with Dimmer
  • Water Protection – IPX5 Rating
  • Rugged Construction: Certified to MIL-STD-810H
  • Loud Audio Output (0.8W)
  • Noise-canceling function for both transmit and receive audio
  • Includes High-Capacity Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 2200mAh)
  • Includes Alkaline Battery Tray (AA x 6)
  • External-DC input for operation and charging
  • PC Programmable (Included micro USB Cable)
    *1 Requires the optional Bluetooth headset (SSM-BT10) or a commercially available headset.*2 The YCE46 PC Programming Software (available online) is required to view the GPS Log data.*3 NOAA Weather alert: when available in-service area.


Coming soon (expected sometime in early October) , we expect to retail this unit a £300 + VAT 



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