Since its founding in 1985, PS Engineering has grown to become the undisputed leader in the field of aircraft intercom and audio panel manufacturing.

In 1985, Mark Scheuer, the company founder, a graduate of the College of Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a pilot, found himself wondering when the revolution would come to the field of audio control. At the time, aircraft intercoms and audio panels had seen virtually no improvement in over a decade. With new digital circuitry and technologies, he believed it was time for the revolution to begin.
Today, according to the Aircraft Electronics Association's Retrofit Survey, PS Engineering is the dominant supplier of audio control systems. Almost half of all audio control systems (intercoms and audio panels) purchased today come from PS Engineering.

Companies like Raytheon, Cessna, Lancair, Maule, and SOCATA Aircraft hold PS Engineering's attention to audio systems in high regard. And homebuilders recognize the advantages of a company focusing on one particular area of expertise.

PS Engineering doesn't make GPS, transponders, or auto pilots, audio control is our one and only mission. With this type of product focus, it's no wonder why PS Engineering holds more patents in the audio control field for General Aviation than any other company.

If he hadn't founded PS Engineering, the community of pilots would probably still be waiting for the revolution to begin.
Take a look at the firsts -- PS Engineering has been the source for virtually every major innovation in the field of aircraft audio avionics.
First to implement USAF's Multitalker Dimension Sound (IntelliAudio®) Patent No. 7391877
First to have true hands-free VOX system, the IntelliVox® Patent no. 6493450
First to provide Swap capability, Patent no. 5903227, 6160496
First to fully integrate music with Soft Mute™where music mute function is controllable. Patent no. 4941187
First to provide individually adjustable VOX circuitry
First to use DSP to record aircraft radio transmissions for playback in the cockpit, known as the IRS™.
First to provide an integrated aural warning system into an audio panel.
First ever to receive approval under FAA C50c.
First to introduce an FAA approved stereo audio panel with intercom and marker beacons, all in the same unit.
First to introduce AMP™, (Active Microphone Processor) a system that removes noise from the microphone.
Using the latest technologies and the highest quality control in the industry, PS Engineering manufactures all of its products to the most exacting standards. Our quality assurance manual is fully approved by the FAA. MADE IN THE USA
What sets PS Engineering apart from our competition is that we listen.

Good ideas and PS Engineering go hand and hand. But the sources of those ideas are not always from our engineers. In fact, we usually find that the very best ideas come from the community of pilots and avionics shops.

We travel around the country, to air-shows and avionics shops, asking questions on how we can improve our systems. We aim to be the most approachable, most responsive avionics manufacturer in the world.

If you have an idea on how to improve any of our products, let us know. If you have an idea for a new approach to audio in the cockpit, we are listening.

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