AvMap Ultra EFIS + EngiBOX KIT

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Part number: UX0EFSE0AM

Ultra EFIS + EngiBOX KIT

Combine Ultra EFIS with EngiBOX to get a super compact EFIS system for your ultra light aircraft.


EngiBOX is an engine monitoring system displaying EGT, RPM, MAP, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp / Air Temp, CHT / Coolant Temp. Compatible with Rotax Engines:  912 DCDI series, 912S DCDI series, 914 DCDI series, 447 UL SCDI, 503 UL DCDI, 582 UL DCDI and 618 UL DCDI.Note: Sensor probes are not included in the EngiBOX package.

Ultra EFIS

The Ultra EFIS is a Stand-alone unit providing Air data, attitude, heading and altitude reference.

For full technical specifications of both the EngiBOX and the Ultra EFIS click on the product titles above.

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