Garmin GAD 29 Experimental

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Part number: 010-01172-00

Compact GPS/Navigation Data Interface Adapter

  • Small, lightweight ARINC 429 data bus adapter module
  • Integrates with G3X™, G3X Touch™ and G5 series electronic flight displays
  • Provides interface with IFR-capable GTN™ and GNS series navigators
  • Interfaces with up to 2 GTN or GNS navigators; can also adapt the GTS™ 800 active traffic system for use with G3X and G3X Touch displays
  • Simplifies installation of additional system capabilities and interfaces

GAD 29 is an affordable ARINC 429 avionics data bus module that can be used to interface up to 2 IFR-capable GPS navigators with the G3X, G3X Touch and G5 series electronic flight displays. It can also be used to adapt the GTS 800 series active traffic system for use with G3X and G3X Touch displays.

This compact GPS/navigation data adapter, when installed with the GTN 750 or GTN 650 series or legacy GNS 530 or GNS 430 navigators, can enable such advanced features as GPS steering, WAAS LPV vertical approach guidance, HSI map navigation, coupled VNAV and more for access via your compatible flight display system.

The ARINC 429 interface is the most commonly used data bus for high-end general aviation and commercial aircraft. The GAD 29 module leverages this network interface to offer an affordable way for pilots flying experimental/LSA aircraft to expand the capabilities of their avionics — and access the latest and best in IFR capabilities from their GTN or GNS series GPS navigators.

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