SEHT SH-10X Lightweight ANR Headset

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Under 200 grams with phenomenal noise reduction

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Part number: SH10X

The SEHT SH-10X Lightweight ANR Headset

At under 200 grammes, the all new SH-10X breaks new boundaries in style, performance and comfort as well as price.

Utilising hybrid noise cancelling technology allows us to produce a headset that doesn’t rely on heavy and painfull clamping forces to reject unwanted cockpit noise.  This means increased comfort for long term use and couple that with superior audio performance the SEHT SH-10X helps make flying a dream for you and your ears!

The SH-10X headset couples flawless noise reduction with a stylish and super lightweight design creating a headset that breaks new boundaries and sets new standards for price and performance.

  • 5-year SEHT warranty
  • Breathable faux kid-leather ear seals
  • SEHT Headset bag
  • Hybrid Noise Reduction Technology
  • Auxiliary input
  • Mono / Stereo switchable
  • Lightweight 180gram on head weight
  • 2 x AA batteries included
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