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AVMAP Complete Avionics System KIT

EKP V + Docking +Ultra EFIS + EngiBOX
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AvMap complete Avionics System KIT

Get the full AvMap Avionics System configuration to have the best situational awareness and save money. A Panel mounted EKP V dedicated to navigatoin, an Ultra EFIS and an EngiBOX to monitor your engine. A complete, light and compact solution.

Cockpit Docking Station

The EKP V Cockpit Docking Station allows the installation of AvMap EKP V Aeronautical Navigator into the cockpit, and enables the unit to interface to multiple external devices at the same time.The Cockpit Docking Station is conceived to host the EKP V when used as part of the basic on board instrumentation, becoming the hub of your integrated avionic system.The CDS includes 4 USB ports, 2 serial ports, Audio video input (NTSC and PAL) , Audio output. The external GPS antenna is included in the box. The Docking Station package contains:• EKP V Docking Station• USB GPS antenna • Flush Mount Kit• Plastic Protective Cover• Manual, screws and cutting template Dimensions =  180x112x50 mmWeight = 180 gr 


A brilliant 7” display, with built-in battery and GPS, only 0.8” thick. EKP V is slim and light, yet very powerful: with built in u-blox 6 GPS receiver, built-in battery and speakers.


EngiBOX is an engine monitoring system displaying EGT, RPM, MAP, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp / Air Temp, CHT / Coolant Temp. Compatible with Rotax Engines:  912 DCDI series, 912S DCDI series, 914 DCDI series, 447 UL SCDI, 503 UL DCDI, 582 UL DCDI and 618 UL DCDI.Note: Sensor probes are not included in the EngiBOX package. 

Ultra EFIS

The Ultra EFIS is a Stand-alone unit providing Air data, attitude, heading and altitude reference. 


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What our clients say...

Absolutely fantastic service. Really wanted my delivery for Christmas and the extra effort Bournemouth Avionics went to to get this to me was way beyond they level of service expected. Pricing was also the best by far. Highly recommended.

Installed a new radio and I took the opportunity to a shuffle of the radio stack to make things a bit neater. They were very friendly and helpful with the project - and completed it on time, to the price quoted and without any problems.