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GSB 15, Vertical Connector, Standard

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In just a few short years, battery-powered mobile devices have become essential in-flight tools for pilots and their passengers alike. Pilots use their tablets or smartphones to access flight plans, moving maps, charts, weather data, manuals and more — while passengers access entertainment, messaging and all types of productivity apps on their devices. But, invariably, all these portable electronics need an external power source to keep them charged and ready to use over a long flight. That’s where our GSB 15 USB charging hub makes all the difference.

Power up on the Fly

This dual-port 3A USB charger delivers plenty of electrical current to power two iPad tablets or similar smart devices at full brightness — while simultaneously charging their batteries. There’s built-in protection against circuit and temperature overloads. Plus, configurable halo lighting on the plugs makes them easy to locate and access in a darkened cabin or cockpit.

Small and Simple to Install

The slimline GSB 15 charging hub measures just over 1.5” square and stands less than an inch deep — making it one of the smallest dual-port USB charging hubs ever designed for aviation use. It comes in two formats: one designed to be wired into aircraft power from the back of the unit — and one that connects to aircraft power through the bottom of the case. Choose the version that fits best with your application and its related space constraints.

Fits Tight Spaces and Budgets

You can mount GSB 15 virtually anywhere. It’s small enough to fit a 1” cutout — or it’s available with two optional mounting plates that allow for easy installation in existing, unused 2.25” or 3.125” instrument holes in the panel. It has FAA TSO and consequently European approval. The device will fit in a variety of constricted spaces — such as aircraft sidewalls, armrests or aft console postions — where most aviation USB chargers are simply too large or unwieldy to install.

iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.



  • Charging port type: USB Type-A
  • Input voltage: 14V, 28V
  • Output voltage: 5-12V
  • Power consumption:
    • Max (while charging): 40W
    • Min (not charging): 300mW
  • Maximum current output per port:
    • 5V 3A
    • 9V 2A
    • 12V 1.5A
    • 18W Max
  • Required circuit breaker size: 5A
  • Dimensions:
    • Right-angle Connector: 1.50” x 1.55” x 0.84”
    • Vertical Connector: 1.50” x 1.50” x 0.92”
  • Weight: 0.16 lbs
  • Certifications:
    • TSO-C71




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Absolutely fantastic service. Really wanted my delivery for Christmas and the extra effort Bournemouth Avionics went to to get this to me was way beyond they level of service expected. Pricing was also the best by far. Highly recommended.

Installed a new radio and I took the opportunity to a shuffle of the radio stack to make things a bit neater. They were very friendly and helpful with the project - and completed it on time, to the price quoted and without any problems.