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Honeywell KR22 Marker Rx panel with 8130

KR22 Marker Rx panel with 8130
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Price inc VAT: £330.00
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KR22 Marker Rx panel with 8130

 28 Day Warranty



  • Solid state panel-mounted marker beacon receiver with 3 light, ACM marker presentation
  • Lamp self test and audio output
  • Manual light dimming
  • 14 or 28 volt operation
  • Similar to KR-21 but WITHOUT automatic light dimming and is non-TSO'd
SIZE: 3.3"W x 1.2"H x 7.75"L WEIGHT: 0.4 lbs.
DESIGN: Crystal controlled superheterodyne receiver with 3 indicator lamps RECEIVER FREQUENCY: 75.00 MHz
SENSITIVITY: 1000 uv lamp threshold AUDIO OUTPUT: 100 mw into 500 ohms
CONTROLS: OFF, BRITE, or DIM selected by switch ANTENNA IMPEDANCE: 50 ohms


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Absolutely fantastic service. Really wanted my delivery for Christmas and the extra effort Bournemouth Avionics went to to get this to me was way beyond they level of service expected. Pricing was also the best by far. Highly recommended.

Installed a new radio and I took the opportunity to a shuffle of the radio stack to make things a bit neater. They were very friendly and helpful with the project - and completed it on time, to the price quoted and without any problems.