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Honeywell KS272C Trim Servo (DA42) with Form 1

KS272C Trim Servo (DA42) with Form 1
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KS272C Trim Servo (DA42) with Form 1


28 Day Warranty


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  • Trim Servo used for elevator trimming
  • Contains a servo motor with amplifier and an engage clutch solenoid
  • Is installed with a KM 275 servo mount, which contains a slip clutch
  • The servo receives a differential command input and drives the servo motor with a speed proportional to the magnitued of the command
  • The command polarity will determine direction of the servo rotation
  • The command inputs have an impedance of at least 15K ohms
SIZE: 3.925"W x 4.675"H x 4.605"L WEIGHT: 2.1lbs.
MOUNTING: Two (2) AN 3 bolts MATING CONNECTOR: 030-03248-0000
POWER INPUTS: +28VDC at 4.0 amps SIGNAL INPUTS: -10VDC to +10VDC
CLUTCH ENGAGE SIGNALS: +28VDC (active high input) and Ground (active low input) SIGNAL OUTPUTS: Trim Voltage: -28VDC to +28VDC Trim Sense: -3VDC to +3VDC
065-00180-0400 2.4 RPM
065-00180-0600 14.6 RPM
065-00180-1400 22 RPM
065-00180-2700 3.6 RPM
065-00180-3500  4.7 RPM


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Absolutely fantastic service. Really wanted my delivery for Christmas and the extra effort Bournemouth Avionics went to to get this to me was way beyond they level of service expected. Pricing was also the best by far. Highly recommended.

Installed a new radio and I took the opportunity to a shuffle of the radio stack to make things a bit neater. They were very friendly and helpful with the project - and completed it on time, to the price quoted and without any problems.